Hunter Henry & Kerryon/Carson for Bell?

Looking to trade for Bell. I am debating which RB to trade between Kerryon and Carson. Kerryon has an easier schedule than Carson but I like the Seahawks offense better than the Lions.

Which RB would you recommend to trade? My other RB’s are Michel, Coleman and Penny. My TE is Mark Andrews, I plan on picking up Herndon. 10 Team Full PPR League

Also am I giving too much away?

dont think you are giving too much up but dont think they would accept it. Hard to sell Henry at this point since hes been hurt. I would trade Carson first just because he has some competition and fumbling issues.

I proposed the trade and the owner agreed to it, I just haven’t sent the official trade. I didn’t think they would agree but owner doesn’t have a solid TE (Drafted Cook and dropped him for Graham last week) and doesn’t want Bell anymore.

I picked up Henry off waivers. My thought is that he is injury prone and he probably won’t be back until next week.

do it forsure then. Bell ROS is awesome, hes past his bye, and hasnt been terrible even while the Jets have been horrendous. I just acquired bell in my league and couldnt be happier