Hunter Henry On Waivers. Make a move?

Eight man, standard league. Hunter Henry is on waivers, and I’m not certain if I should pick him up or not. Here’s my roster
QB: Dak
RB’s: McCaffrey, Carson, Ekeler, Nick Chubb
WR’s: Julio, Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, Kupp, Hollywood Brown
TE: Evan Engram, Austin Hooper
K: Butker

You could do it to play keep away but in an 8 man you’re set at TE

Who would be the best to drop?

I honestly would stick with your team they’re solid

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Alrighty, will do. Thank you! Also, next week, both CMC and Chubb are on a bye. Do I put Ekeler in and put Kupp in at the slot (I will listen to the podcast next week and keep updating) I just want a rough draft/gameplan as to what to do. I’m going against the only guy i’ve lost to (won this week. Now 5-1), and I don’t wanna lose to him again