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Hunter Henry or Alfred morris


I need to win this week and I have to decide between Hunter Henry or Alfred Morris for my flex. I already have cook in at tight end. Please help


i’d lean hunter henry… i’m debating between alfred morris and corey davis myself


Hunter Henry 100% he has a great match up and Cleveland pretty gives touchdowns to TE


What about Charles Clay or Alfred Morris? Having a similar dilemma.


That’s tough! I think I would lean Morris because NE have been #1 against TE recently. Clay has a higher ceiling because that’s tyrod’s go to receiver. Morris has a higher floor


Is there anyone starting Morris this week? He hasn’t looked bad.


I started Morris and he hit the jackpot last night! He’d run well before, but Dallas just wasn’t in a position to give him the ball enough. Finally, they came to their senses and handed Alf the rock!


It was nice to watch. Too bad I also had Perine who looked Iike a complete disaster and I started him based on the general consensus. Another full diaper to go with my jackpot…