Hunter Henry trade off the big game?

I already have Andrews and could also trade him away I’m just looking to get Kyler Murray, the guy that has him let’s him sit on the bench and his TE is pretty weak I could try either for Murray and maybe someone off his bench rest of my roster is
RBs Chubb Fournette David Johnson Edmonds and McCoy
WRs Hopkins McLaurin Alshon and Josh Gordon
TEs Andrews and Henry
QBs Jimmy G and Winston

Hunter Henry, if he can stay healthy, is going to be a premier TE1 RoS. I don’t think last night was a fluke game for him; Pittsburgh has excellent linebackers and Henry was able to achieve significant separation multiple times through out the night. Plus, it looks like defenses are mainly concerned with impeding Keenan Allen which leaves Henry in a good spot for a lot of receptions, especially in the red zone.

You said the Kyler owner is not playing him. I would offer him Andrews first. If you really want him, maybe Andrews + Winston?

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I’ll probably do that and see if he takes it @ryanchaparian

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