Hunter Henry

What round would it be appropriate to take Henry in a start-up dynasty draft? 18 roster sports with 1 IR

In our startup he went at the 9.01. Too rich for my blood. Went ahead of guys like Njoku, Kittle, Reed, and Walker. Especially when you won’t have him for a year. Personally based on that draft… guys like Brate, Ebron, Hooper were going in round 15/16. That’s where I would look for Henry

Sweet! Ya I just took Walker at the end of the 12th. Was thinking of taking him in the 13th bc I’m at the turn but wasn’t sure if it was too early or not. Thanks for your input.

13th is fine if you already got a starter in place, then you are setting up for the future. But if there are other guys you like then I bet you could wait another round or two

Ya I have a pretty solid roster imo so I think I can reach to grab him