Hunts value?

I’m in a 12 team keeper league and my keeper was Nick Chubb round 13 but I also wanna get Kareem Hunt, What round would y’all rate him at? Thanks!!

Third to the last round, right before Def and Kicker

In a keeper league I’d take him as late as you think is possible. Third to last round would be best case scenario, but I feel like at least 1 of the 12 guys will reach for him based on potential.

Someone will reach for him. It’s a guarantee. So if you are 100% in on having him on your team, you’re gonna have to get him earlier. I’ve seen him going as high as round 8 in mock drafts. I know there are some CLE fans in my league and they’ve already mentioned that he’s not making it to the double digit rounds.

Are you really prepared to hold a guy that long and have him eat a roster spot while other viable players break out? Isn’t their bye AFTER his suspension ends so you aren’t getting him until 2/3 into the season at the SOONEST.

Well to be clear, I personally wouldn’t draft Hunt in a redraft league for that exact reason. I was just answering OP’s question because he said he wants to pick up Hunt.

I still stand by the assumption that SOMEONE will reach for him, so if he waits for one of his last picks then Hunt will likely be gone by then.

Me personally no, but I can see where Chubb owners would be nervous. I don’t believe Chubb will lose the starting spot even after Hunt comes back. Hunt is one of the most valuable handcuffs this season however. And handcuff’s sit on your bench as a “in case” scenario. I’m not a believer in them, but some people are. Hunt just happens to be a handcuff who is suspended and out until week 10.

this is entirely a league by league thing. it all depends on who in your league believe in hunt, and who doesnt. so any chiefs fans or browns fans in your league, probably going to have to go a little earlier. but obviously you want to wait as long as possible to lessen the pain of holding him so long.

so to answer the actual question of what round i personally would (im a chiefs fan) im looking at him in the 11th, maybe later maybe earlier depending on team makeup.