Hurns or Eagles D?

Hey guys need some help. I am in a 10 man PPR league.
Current WR’s are:

A. Brown
L. Fitzgerald
A. Thielen
R. Cobb
K. Cole
M. Goodwin
G. Tate
A. Hurns

I currently have Eagles D but the Ravens D is on waivers and I want them for week 1. Should I keep Eagles D and drop a WR for the Ravens or just drop one of my WR’s since I have so many?


I’m dropping Eagles D and taking Ravens D.

Then I’m dropping hurns for someone better on waivers. You’re in a 10 man league, there is no way that is the best player available.

Well he is definitely the best WR left. He could be the #1 on his team and that is where he is starting.

RB’s left are:

L. Murray
T. Montgomery
J. Wilkins
T. Riddick

None of those really interest me that much. There will be RB’s that show their head later.

I would 100% rather have Wilkins than Hurns. Also, willing to bet money there’s better receivers to hold than Hurns. I’m in multiple 10 mans.

Ross/DeDe/Smith/Meredith/lockett all guys I’d rather have than Hurns and all guys who are frequently available in 10 man leagues.

I really do not want an RB in a murky backfield with a terrible offensive line.

Hurns is way better than every single WR you just listed by miles. He is the potential #1 on a team that just lost a crap load of targets. That is crazy to put him behind guys that are not even 2nd on their team. Lockett I can give you maybe but he is gone.

Fantasy pros and the ballers agree with me.

I’m playing for the win for the season man. Not for 1 week.

Murky backfields are were championship teams are made. Wilkins has the chance to win the backfield in a high scoring andrew luck led offense. If you were scared of murky backfields last year, you probably didn’t own Williams or Jones.

Hurns is maybe the #1 on a mediocre offense.

If you want to play and live fantasy football by ECR, have at it. Championships go to those who are willing to take a risk vs those who are just part of herd mentality.

You’re not starting any of these players either way, so why not go for guys with more upside.

Edit: Also ECR rankings when you get that deep, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s all dart throws. If that’s what you rely on for the draft, good luck man.

Well I won a championship last year with this same strategy.

I agree with you on the upside that is why I have Hurns. Mack will most likely be back and steal the job back.

That Colts offense looks rough. I love Luck but he is not a cure all. That offensive line is still bad. There will be passing but I doubt their run game will be worth much.

Murky backfields are what you stay away from in 10 man leagues. I would rather have the possible high upside depth then to try and take a shot on a guy that may not even see the field.

I am obviously not playing for just week 1 because I am not starting any of the guys. My lineup is set. This is all future oriented.

I don’t know if picking hurns counts as a strategy.

Just don’t view him as a high upside guy. I’ll take the WR2/3 of the high powered offense over the WR1abcd on a mediocre offence all day.

Agree that offensive line has some stuff to figure out, but teams at least have to respect the passing game. Whoever wins out that backfield is going to be very valuable cause they’re going to see the goal line work. Especially if they can also catch, which wilkins can.

Will have to disagree on the point about murky backfields. I play plenty of 10 man leagues, and that’s where you find the league winning upside RBs from because that’s how you get them cheap. If you wait for it to be defined, then you’re paying full value for it. I just trust the research and the process and go with my gut. Am wrong plenty but also hit often enough to make it more than worth it.

Hurns, is not going to be a league winner. Honestly just view that entire receiving corps as a murky group to put it in your own words. Strong likelihood no one emerges of any fantasy relevance of worth. I don’t view him as anywhere close to a league winner.

If Wilkins hits, you can immediately flip him to upgrade your starters cause RBs are just more valuable commodities than mediocre WRs. Like you said, you’re not starting any of them anyway, so why not pick up the guy who you’ll know what you have after 1-2 weeks and just drop them for someone else if it doesn’t work out. With Hurns, you’re not going to know anything until farther into the season.

Well I see your point. Hurns could easily be a WR2 and to me that is high upside considering I took him in the 16th round. Dirt cheap. He was a flier.

And yes if Wilkins gets all the work he will be very valuable so I see your point there. So i will give him some thought. I just do not believe he is going to take over that backfield. To many mouths there for my liking.

I prefer being as safe as I can at the RB position. Granted if I guy comes out a starter out a murky backfield its great. And I take shots on guys like that. But where we disagree is there being that guy available. I do not want a guy they might come one a blow up 1 game then have 5 carries the next. I am just not confident enough in Wilkins.

If he comes out and puts up WR2 numbers after being practically undrafted that is league winning. He has put up over 1000 yards and double digit TD’s under Bortles. Dak is better and with Zeke there it is going to open up the pass game.

Totally different situation. If you’re expecting anything close to 1k yards or double digit TDs, never mind both, you’re in for a rude awakening. He also did that as the 2nd WR behind ARob. Hence drawing the 2nd tier / easier coverage for the season. If he truly is the WR1 like you think or if they play him in the X, opposing teams going to slap their corner on him and he’s going to be a no show. Dak isn’t something who throws into tight coverage. Do you think Hurns is better than Dez? I certainly don’t. Dez finished as a WR3 last season. In my eyes, that is his ceiling. I’d rather own Gallup in that offense if I had to but honestly, I’d prefer to own none. They are going to rush the ball 400 times.

Hurns is not “EASILY” going to be anything. That’s why hes not drafted. Just like Wilkins won’t “easily” dominate the backfield. They’re both dart throws, that’s why they both went undrafted. Point is when you throw darts, you want guys who explode when they do hit. That’s not hurns.

As bad as Bortles is, he was prolific that season and supported 2x WR1s. Something Dak, is incapable of doing. He doesn’t push the ball down field, and he doesn’t throw the ball nearly enough to even support 1 WR1. Dallas doesn’t ask him to. I wouldn’t be shocked if Zeke became the WR2 in that offense with Gallup leading. Hell I wouldn’t be shocked if all of Beasley/Gallup/Hurns/Wiliams ended up with 600-700 yards. All more likely than Hurns going double digit TDs and 1k yards.

You can’t be safe when you’re talking about waiver wire pick ups and late round Fliers. It’s all about upside. I’m assuming your RBs are already fine. Not like your dropping an RB to pick up wilkins so not sure how your being safe about RBs is even relevant. If anything, taking Wilkins over Hurns makes your RBs safer cause you add more depth vs WRs which you already have a crapload of anyways.

Yes and it is a good possibility he can draw that kind of coverage again if Gallop pulls #1 coverage. He is better than who Dez was last year. He has flashed many teams on a mediocre offense. Your right he did it behind Robinson who had over 1400 yards himself! This office can be really good. Teams are going to have to respect Zeke and that offensive line which will open up the pass. I do not believe there defense is very good which can put them in many games where they are going to have to throw.

You are only making my argument more relevant. They are both dart throws. But Hurns has proved he can do it. Wilkins could be great for 2 weeks and then completely disappear. There are arguments for both. You just would rather have the RB. That is your opinion. That does not mean that you “easily” take Wilkins over Hurns. Wilkins has no more chance of exploding than Hurns. Fact.

He had a lot of garbage time that year. Which I believe the cowboys may have as well. Teams are going to score on their defense. I would not be surprised if that happened either. But I also would not be surprised if Hurns became Dak’s security blanket and he force feeds him targets. Your logic is too biased on RB’s.

I would much rather use my WR depth to trade for stud running backs then drop unknown for unknown. If he blows up the first few weeks, that is trade bait. Put him with a high RB upside and I could land a RB stud. If he fails then its just like any other fail. You move on.

The real question is Eagles vs Ravens D… Man I really like Philly’s D only because the offense is better. They can grind out in the running game using multiple backs and have PFF top rated O line. That’s keeping the D fresh and off the field. Though they didn’t play amazing last night they had a few goal line stands and held a high power offensive team to 12 points. Oh yeah and don’t forget the kicker that the return man is Darren Sproles, yeah the guys got some age on the tires but he is still liable to take one back to the house on a punt. So if anyone cares to give me a reason the Baltmore D is better besides CJ Mosley then lets hear it.

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This quote is from the espn 2018 outlook… just some solid info in there

2018 Outlook: The Eagles’ D/ST ranked third in fantasy points last season – its third top-six finish over the past four campaigns. The unit paced the league with six blocked kicks and ranked in the top five in interceptions, tackles for loss, yards allowed, points allowed and touchdowns. The Eagles have had a knack for big plays in recent years, ranking among the top four in touchdowns in each of the past four seasons. Rotational players Vinny Curry, Patrick Robinson and Beau Allen are gone, but Michael Bennett and Haloti Ngata were added and Jordan Hicks and Sidney Jones are back to full health. Expect another top-five campaign from this loaded unit.”

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Yeah I agree with you. I love them this year and I got them in the 15th round. But I love the Ravens week 1 matchup too much and they are a solid D too. I dropped them in the hopes of picking them back up next week. If I miss out I still have the Ravens D and I know there some streaming options out there.

Thanks for the feedback!