Hurts+Chubb for Josh Allen+Henderson

2QB, full PPR trade. Rather have:
or Josh Allen+Darrell Henderson?

I think Id want Allen and Henderson

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I agree - Allen has both the higher floor and ceiling, while Henderson is alone. We don’t know the value of D’ernest once Chubb is back.

thanks for the opinions guys. I’m a tad nervous on Hurts (benched and/or Watson deal), and I get to buy around the bye week at QB

I don’t mean to be incredulous here, but are we really thinking d’ernest eats into chubb role when he’s healthy? I’ll accept it might happen but I think Cleveland are a two man tandem because chubb and hunt are excellent. If one misses d’ernest isn’t plugging the gap in my opinion it’s just more of whoever is left from chubb and hunt.

i think you’re right, Johnson won’t cut massive amounts into Chubb. I’m just feeling an opportunity to upgrade at QB to Allen for a pretty lateral move to Henderson in a full PPR

I agree with that, and there is a chance that when Hunt comes back D’ernest may slip back down to irrelevancy, or eat into Hunt’s workload.