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Husband/Wife drafting tips


Two of the teams in my league are related by marriage. We’re doing a live online draft with FanDraft and a google hangout to facilitate trades. The married owners each have their own teams and will be drafting from home with 1 iMac, 2 iPads, and 2 iPhones to work with. What tips would you give them to best utilize the technology during the draft? Do you have any other tips for husbands and wives that play against each other?


It’s good to have multiple devices during a draft. I normally use one device for player info, cheat sheets (Ultimate Draft Kit!) and to look up any info I might be looking for and then the other to manage the actual draft page etc so I can see who was taken, who’s coming up etc. Basically one device for research, the other to manage the draft itself.

In regards to husband/wife pairs in leagues, my only answer there would be NO MERCY!

Good luck!


No I just took over my husband’s team! Haha! I was doing all the work for it anyway!