Huuuuuge trade offer

Half point ppr league

Receiving: Joe Mixon, Melvin Gordon and Kyler

Giving away: Watson and Zeke

I have Lamar as my starting Qb. Do you do this trade?

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If you are 3-0 and can ride out a couple of slow weeks from Mixon and Gordon, then I like the value you are getting. But Watson is white hot and Zeke is starting to roll. I’d stand pat if I were you though.

How do you feel about Watson and Davante Adams for Kamara and a Wr2

I like the idea of pairing Zeke/Kamara better than the 1st trade

The original trade offer was Watson and Michel for Gordon and Murray. Now that the news has broke he wants to hold Gordon. I’m 0-3 just have caught bad breaks

Here is my roster

Stand pat. Your team is very good. It will turn around. Like you said, you have just caught some bad breaks like (probably) running into Mark Ingram or Mike Evans on the wrong week.

Week 1 I ran into Eckler

Week 2 it was New England’s D

Week 3 was Keenan Allen

Ohh the fantasy life

If I trade Watson and Davante for Kamara. Do you think I can obtain success with the WR corps?

I would trade just about anyone for Kamara. Your RBs will be set then. It’s easier to stream a WR if needed plus DJax will return soon enough.

Being that you already have Lamar Jackson, and it’s easier to stream qb, I’d personally give up watson and davante for Kamara alone (throw in a wr2 if you can get it). Then go to the waiver and find another qb or wr. But having zeke and kamara as your rbs, that’s probably best in the league. You’d still have kirk, hardman, mclaurin, metcalf.

I wouldn’t look the gift horse in the mouth… Adams/Watson for Kamara solo is a STEAL… POUNCE on that… right now… you’re wasting precious time that he could cancel the offer by continuing reading the nonsense I’m typing right now

If I can’t get Kamara, what would you give for Melvin Gordon?

If I was you, I would just focus on turning Watson into a better 3rd or 3rd WR. Maybe trading Watson straight up for a WR, or packaging Watson and a WR to get a better WR?