Hybrid keeper/dynasty league rules opinions

Hi, looking for input, suggestions on a dynasty/keeper hybrid league.

12 teams, keep 8 (3 rookie spots…can only be kept up to 4 years if drafted from a rookie)

1QB, SupFlex, 2RB, 3WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 7 bench and 1IR

Initial snake draft has 5th round order reversal. Future drafts are non snake for 3 rounds, then snake after.

All TD = 6
PPR = 0.7 (0.3 bonus TE)
QB …1 pt 20 yds pass, 0.2 ppfd, -3 int & int return, -0.5 sack
RB & WR…0.7 Ppfd, 1 pt per 6.5 yds

Yardage = 15 pts for 100 yrd run or rec or 300 yrd pass.

Wanted to reduce luck and td importance a bit. Promoting rookie drafting like a dynasty ( few guys didnt want full dynasty)

FAAB bidding

Thanks for your input

Love the name!

Few thoughts/questions:

  • Are 3 rookie spots above the 8? Why limit rookie keeper years?
  • finding a platform that allows 5th round reversal might be tricky… unless you do MFL
  • If you want to reduce TD importance, why not reduce to 4 points?

Thanks for the response…
3 of the 8 total keeper spots are for rookies up to 4 yrs (must be drafted, never in waivers). After that point need to decide if they’re worth keeping in the 5 spots long term.

Thought about 4pts per Td, lots of guys like the realism of 6 pts per td…other scoring is more arbitrary and easier to change was my thought.

Thanks for the input

Thanks for clarifying.

Question: If someone trades for a player, can they keep that player indefinably?

Trades dont change the keeper rules, any rookies drafted can be kept for 4 yrs…then a decision must be made to swap them into the 5 other spots or go back in the draft.
Forgot to answer the other question. Sleeper app allows the draft order to change mid draft manually.

Thanks for the help