Hyde and Cooks for AJ Green?

I have a pretty decent team without them.

Doug Martin
Jerrick McKinnon
Rob kelly
Matt Breida

Jordy Nelson

PPR non-keeper. What do yall think?

Who do they have at RB?

Crowell, TY Montgomery, Hames White, D’Onte Freeman haha

I’d try to get Monty off of him. As it sits, that’s a bit too much for Green imho. I also like trading a RB away only when I get one back.

Try it with Funchess first. I’m having a hard time letting go of cooks. He just has so much potential. The only thing he’s missing is touchdowns and a few targets once pats start pulling away

That could be a good option. I will see if he will go for it.

Funchess might have a huge game if Benjamin misses