Hyde + Baldwin for Hilton?

Full point PPR.

This is own the table with me being the Hyde-Baldwin owner.

My major worry is team construction.

My running backs are Gurley, Conner, Hyde, Freeman, Burkhead so if Bell comes back then *poof no Conner starting. Then No Hyde if he’s traded leaves me with Freeman and Burkhead, 2 rbbc as my rb2 and rb3 the rest of the season.


Do this immediately. Do it immediately. Luck looks a lot better and TY is looking great. Baldwin is injured and hyde is… well on the browns and you just saw what happened to them. That org is cursed.

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You aren’t worried it makes a huge hole in my roster come bye time at RB. I mean I hope Conner is all systems go until week 10 at least but you never know. Hilton had good stats today but Luck wasn’t all that impressive, 2 picks.

He had Freeman and Ingram as his two best RBs and Mack is probably his 3rd back and he’s been banged up so he is tilting seeing his RB situation the next few weeks.

Luck was fine. Washington D is actually pretty damn good. But what I liked was that Luck was finally pushing the ball downfield to Hilton where he drew a PI. He wasn’t doing that in the first game but is finally doing it now.

Burkhead/Freeman are still fine. There should also be waiver wire action this week with Cook being injured so if you’re worried about depth, can always grab him as well.

It’s risky sure, but it’s worth it cause you’re upgrading to a high WR2 / low WR1 with hilton and populating that slot which would otherwise not be occupated by Baldwin.

Pretty worried Baldwin is going to be gone for more than 3-4 weeks.

That is what I am scared of. Murray is already rostered and I’m 8th on wire so not sure what value is out there right now.

What’s your WR situation looking like?

I feel better about it compared to first week. Baldwin-Tate-Watkins-Cole-Pettis

You need Hilton. Badly lol. More so then you should be worried about bench depth. That is not a strong WR core. Hilton bascailly becomes your best WR instantly.

Yeah. I agree there.

I think you have to take the trade, and then try and steal a handcuff off waivers like Murray for the Vikings, I think cook went down today and getting Hilton will make you a lot better.

That’s the problem. All the guys like Murray are rostered. Lindsay was picked up. Richard was even picked up. I am not seeing any RB weekly plays on the wire like I am WR plays if I need them.

What about Himes for the Colts? But you have to ask yourself, are you playing to win or playing to not get last? Hilton will make you better and for right now you have two backs you can roll out.

I have baldwin also and I really dont think hes going to play in even half the games. The odds of hyde getting hurt are pretty good also, and Cubb might be worth a stash. Hes going to get a shot sometime this season.

Hines is rostered. We don’t have IR spots but it’s a competitive 12 team full ppr league. Not many guys sleeping on stuff. Chubb just got dropped. When I drafted Baldwin I made sure to draft breakout candidates at WR like Allison, Watkins, Sutton so my team is built backwards of what it would need to be if I made this deal and made my team short at RB instead of WR.

At this point I feel you’ve talked yourself out of it. Watkins will be playable now that he has Mahomes. So maybe don’t do it. But if you jabe a good league yoy will be able to make a trade late if something does happen.

You’re really trading Hyde for ty. Baldwin has already admitted hes going to have a a knee injury all year and compensating for it will just cause other issues. Also, just because you drafted a team one way doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.