Hyde for Aaron Jones? PPR

don’t really want to keep Hyde anymore (just added Chubb), so would you move Hyde for Aaron Jones? Go for the upside in Jones rather than hope Hyde learns the system and beats out Yeldon and then eventually if/when Fournette comes back have to deal with him too?

could also possibly shop him to the Yeldon owner for Cooper/Funchess?

Jones has the upside. I wouldn’t be too down on Hyde though. Wouldn’t be surprised if Fournette goes to IR following this news. Yeldon and Charles certainly haven’t impressed too much. To me, Jacksonville makes this move because they want a healthy bell cow and don’t have one. They tried playing without one and can’t win.

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I’d probably rather have Hyde than Cooper or Funchess. Team dependent somewhat. If I’m really WR needy and locked down at RB, maybe. But in almost also situations i prefer Hyde.

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for perspective my team looks like this:

RBs: Gordon, Michel, Chubb, Howard, Thompson, Ekeler, Hyde
WRs: Sanders, OBJ, JuJu, Watkins

I’d be fine with giving up hyde for jones.


sent out the following offers:

  • Hyde for Jones
  • Hyde for John Brown
  • Hyde for Boyd
  • Hyde for Cooper

Hoping one goes through at least given the lack of depth at WR for me (although I’m managing with those 4)

Boyd > John Brown > Jones > Cooper

I’m assuming thats amari cooper. If its kupp, then Kupp is #1.

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Yeah its Amari, I can only wish someone would accept a Cooper Kupp for Hyde offer haha