Hyde for cooks

0.5 ppr
thinking about trading hyde for cooks

My RB: gurley, collins, conner, mccoy, wilkins, jones, Hyde
WR: Adams, Cooper, Kupp, Locket, Goodwin

Is this a fair trade? According to ESPN both hyde and cooks are ranked RB 18 and WR 18 respectively. I think i need to upgrade my WR position

Cooks side is way better

do i need to give up something more?

Do it. Probably not. you may be able to make that trade now

Very likely. You can offer this and see what the other person counters with. Keep working on it until you find a middle ground that you both like.

I would say if you had to do more than hyde, id add jones, wilkins, or goodwin. that might be enough to get a deal done.

trade went through after how well hyde played…hopefully this doesnt come to bite me lol

good luck. sounds like a good deal