Hyde/K Allen/Hooper for Graham/Sanu/D Freeman

I would acquire Hyde group.

I have Ertz. I have no other real RB’s. I have Michael Thomas.

I know this is a strong trade for me overall but is it insane to question it slightly given Allen underperforming, Hyde overperforming, and Freeman potentially running all over everyone bc of the Falcons excellent passing game?

I’d feel good about it. Freeman is a huge injury risk IMO and I don’t like taking on that kind of risk in trades. I don’t own Freeman on any teams this year. The value of Allen dwarfs that of Sanu. It’s tough giving up Graham for Hooper at a scarce position, but there doesn’t seem to be a strong consensus as to where Graham ranks relative to other elite TEs. TE’s are TD dependent, so there will be opportunities to buy low on the good ones throughout the year if you just have Hooper.

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I have Ertz and Engram on IR already so Hooper doesn’t really exist in this trade for me anyway thankfully. @Hazel11

Thank you.