Hyde or Cole?

I am likely in need of some boom points to be competitive in the finals (Wallace and BAL defence did not do enough yesterday). I have Hyde in my flex, but wondering if I should slot Keelan Cole in instead - as it looks like Hurns is out again…
I will have a better idea of where the scores will be after the 10am games but am currently projected to lose by 20 points.

Standard scoring

Things are even more disastrous with me being down by even more now…Hyde or Cole?

I myself am going cole…had to go up against Gurley today. I had Dez but I switched it up hoping Cole goes off

I thought about Cole but in the end, I doubt it would matter either way. Opponent had Gordon and Hunt for ~35 points against my Drake and Freeman who only had ~9 points. I need Hyde, Jeffery and Ertz to make-up 50 points…and that would be IF Smith-Schuster gets 0 tomorrow. Pretty well sealed my 2nd place finish :confused: