Hyde or Ellington 1/2 PPR

RB2 Deciding between starting Carlos Hyde or Andre Ellington? Kareem hunt is my RB1
1/2 point ppr

Hyde is way to up and down with his injury history and with Matt breita taking snaps away from him too.

Ellington has a huge upside and has received so many targets.

Leaning towards Ellington.


If it’s full PPR, I’m fine with Ellington. If standard, I’m taking my chances with Hyde. .5 point would be tough.

I own Hyde in a standard league and I am starting him this week if that helps.

Yeah it’s half. So I’m on the fence but leaning Ellington

That’s been my strategy the last few weeks. But after hearing they want to go with the "hot hand " strategy (clearly saw that last week) I’m ehhhh about Hyde workload