Hyde or McKinnon?

For the rest of the season in a PPR league who has better value?

He’s got a tough schedule but has to be Hyde for me

Yea but he’s becoming more involved in the pass game and he’s show in past matchups that he can still contribute effectively in those tough matchups 2x vs zona wash and Seattle only team that really shut him down were my birds…

I’d go McKinnon. McKinnon definitely has the higher celling but lower floor.

Hyde has some tough matchups coming and I doubt he goes for 124 yards on the Hawks again.

McKinnon has a very nice matchup this weekend against the Rams. Even with Murry gaining more steam they still basically split the carries and McKinnon gets all the pass catching opportunities. So if you’re in a PPR I’d definitely go with McKinnon.

Have to remember that SF imo likey won’t keep Hyde beyond this year. Expect them to play Barita a lot more or at least get him more involved.

Ok thanks for the advice!