Hyde’s value?

What does this trade mean for Hyde? Assuming Fournette comes back after the bye, would u hold Hyde and trade him away after a big game or would u trade him now?
I have a trade pending giving away Hyde and Edelman for Woods… should I still do it or keep Hyde and hope I can sell high on him?

My RBs rn are Hyde Kamara Lynch AP Foreman and Chubb
WRs are Adams Gordon Edelman Coutee and Kearse

I would honestly be fine doing this trade. It will take Hyde a couple week to acclimate, and by then Fournette should be close to getting back. Hyde could be really good if Fournette has a setback, but overall not expecting him to be much more than the best handcuff in football. Ironic cuz that’s just taking Chubbs job basically. I value Hyde right now similar to how CHubb has been valued all year.

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Heide has one of the worse efficiencies in the league, we dont know his usage , as soon as fournette comes back hes usekess . Heide is going from leading an offense he’s in charge of to being a fill in Mike gelisi type of compliment to an offense he doesn’t even know, and when Fourentte comes back ( like when Ingram came back) it’s gonna be even cloudier… someone in my league just traded him for Brandin Cooks. It’s in the realm of possibilities he becomes something, but it’s unlikely, i would wash my hands of him asap before he comes on , gets 2.4 points and has absolutely no value

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Woods would be a great thing to get now since I’d be getting rid of him and Edelman?

What do u think about Chubb? RB2?

Chubb has great talent , he’s gonna be valuable, I may wait a week, but woods is a great acquisition

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Yeah…to me Chubb just fills Hydes role but theoretically more efficient. So he starts out as a middling rb2, and I think he has a chance to finish the year performing like a back end rb1 if things click.


Hmm. It might be too risky in your case right now. If it was Michael Thomas you’d receive, I wouldn’t hesitate. But you’re thinning yourself out a good bit (with what we know thus far at least) for a relatively meager return in Woods. woods is great, but he is one of numerous phenomenal options on the Rams. I worry abt what could happen to all of your RB’s aside from Kamara basically. Maybe one week will put concerns to rest and also bolster their trade values

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