Hyde + Terry for Bell, H. Henry + Montgomery for Thomas

12 team ppr

Trying to pull off 2 trades here.

first would be my Hyde and Terry for his Bell (he could use some WR depth, and I’m rolling off Hyde and Terry’s big games combined with Bells mediocre performance of late)

second is my H Henry and Montgomery for his M Thomas (I have Kittle and he needs a TE, and he needs RB depth, plus is a Chicago fan)

My roster would then be:

Saquon, David Johnson, Bell

Julio, Thomas, AJ Green, Westbrook

Think these are wise and doable moves?

I really need to pull off almost all wins the rest of the season, so getting as many big pieces as I can to win now is my priority. Figure 3 WR1s and 3 RB1s should do me. Won’t have much depth behind them, but bar injury to 2 of them, will always be able to field 3 superstars

think these are good for me and reasonable offers?