Hyde + Terry for Bell?

12 team PPR

trying to cash in on Bell’s recent mediocrity against the recent success of Hyde and Terry

Have an extra Hunter Henry to offer as well, since he’s week at TE

That offer won’t be accepted. Closer if you throw Henry in too but who’s your other TE?

I have Kittle, so I’m set there. Just picked up Henry as trade bait. He has Everett at TE

You can offer that and he might go for it, but I still probably wouldn’t if I owned Bell. Without throwing Henry in I’d say there’s no way. But you can offer just Hyde & McLaurin and make him decline that first

I’ll probably do that, since I really have no need for Henry, just using him to spice up trades.

Like I said I’m trying to use recent memory bias with Hyde and McLauren just having huge games, Henry too, combined with Bell being meh of late. He’s 1-5 so hopefully looking to make some changes

It’s a good idea

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