Hyde to Jacksonville

If this is the case…is Duke Johnson worth a flier or do you think theyll just roll wtih Chubb

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Crap- I hope this isn’t a sign of shutting Fournette down for the season.

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Chubb or Ito ROS?

Thanks for heads up! Just picked up Chubb lol.


I think they’re preparing for that scenario. Yeldon is nicked up and Charles is obviously not the 2014 version of himself.

I just snagged Chubb, hoping he’s the real deal lol I need a 3rd rb dammit lol

I got Gordon and Hunt

Then Howard, Fournette, Ito Smith, Royce Freeman, Corey clement and now Nick Chubb

Someone step up please lol

Snagged Chubb. I am caught up all in this mess. THX!

Will Chubb be the back to grab though or will they utilize Duke more often?

what does this mean for hyde, ROS? not that he has had the BEST season, but up or down?

it seems like they want to get chubb more reps from what i am seeing.

PPR. Chubb, Ito, or Duke?

Jeez I hope not.

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Couldn’t get him. App decided not to load for a whole 5 minutes.

We will have to see how he does before speculating anything I’d assume. They’re obviously looking for a workhorse back and Hyde fits the bill so that’s how I see him being used. He might mesh with Jacksonville’s offense better than expected.

Chubb. Guy is about to explode.

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def like where your heads at. easy to speculate wildly, time will tell.

you buying low af on hyde if you can?

Here is the real question- how much FAAB for Chubb?

Eh, i added both Chubb and Duke. Let’s see how she rolls out.


Johnson is owned in a lot of leagues though. Chubb was one of the most dropped players.

I was fortunate enough to grab both.

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