Hyde trade offer help

Hi guys,
Standard 10 team league and I’m really unsure what to do with work horse Hyde…
My RBs are: Hyde, Conner, Ingram, Freeman, Bell
My WRs are: Adams, Fuller, Boyd, Baldwin

I was offered Calvin Ridley for Hyde today…
His RBs: Zeke, Buck, Howard (on bye)
His WRs: Green, Cooks, Alshon, Ridley, Kenny G

I was thinking of countering for Cooks instead or I thought about maybe trying a Hyde & Adams for Green counter.

What do u guys think? Should I try and make a deal or just stand pat… we can only play 2 of each + 1 flex… I’ve been unsure about it all day, lol

Thanks in advance!

You are weak at RB right now because of injury/suspension/etc. I wouldn’t consider a trade for anything other than an RB right now.

Hyde is a pretty good running back. Id say you would need more than just cooks. I think hyde and boyd for green and buck might be better

Interesting takes guys… I actually thought I had too many rbs … and thought no way I can get green without offering adams++

Which Freeman do you have?

Hi, its Devanta Freeman - ATL

That’s what I was thinking.

So you have a lot of RB but Bell is out, Freeman is hurt, Ingram is just coming back but I am not convinced he will be as used as he was last year with what Kamara is doing. In a few weeks you might be fine but you also got to get through byes coming up. At least you have Conner AND Bell that’s a piece of mind.

Thanks again, decided to stay put for now and see how another week goes