Hype Trade Help

Cooper Kupp
Pettis and 1.04

10 man keeper league, PPR, I have one of the top 2 teams in the league and already have the 1.03.

Damien Williams

Michael Thomas
Mike Evans
T. Hill
K. Allen

How many guys you start?

1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE)

And I have been trying to trade Guice and Williams for an upgrade at RB or WR, so far no bites

I’d do it. You’ve got a really nice group of receivers there, even without Kupp.

And there’s no telling when Kupp returns to form. Meanwhile, Pettis looks promising, especially in a keeper scenario.

Plus you get 1.04?

No reason not to pull the trigger.

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Yeah, I would definitely do that trade

Give me, Pettis & 1.04.

For sure do it Nice trade

I do this trade 100%…

I personally believe in Pettis as a breakout candidate, and while I think it’s difficult to analyze the 6 game stretch that has people excited due to the guys passing the football, I think it was pretty telling how he performed.

Add into that both Kupp’s injury history and the number of quality receivers in that Rams offense, and I think the value of the 1.04 on top of Pettis’ potential is well ahead of Kupp’s in 2019.

Thanks for all the replies! This was my worry, I was offered the trade a month ago and posted it on here. A month ago, everyone told me to stick with Kupp. So is the switch to Pettis legit or because of recent hype?

I think the start of the fantasy season proper tends to focus people on recovery time on injuries. In March thru May, it’s “Kupp will be back next year.” In June it’s “oh…Kupp is recovering from an ACL tear; he might not look like Kupp until November.”

Also, did you post that stable of receivers the first time around? Your flush there. You don’t need to wait on Kupp and you can afford to chance the upside on DP, especially if an early first round pick comes in the bargain.

Good point and yes I posted my whole team last time too

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I looked back at your post a month ago and it looks like every single person that responded said to take Pettis and the pick. Am I missing something?

I think most importantly, you have 3 WR’s that are must starts ahead of Kupp already… you’re trading a guy with an injury history, in an offense with excellent receiving weapons beside him for a prospect that played EXCELLENT down the stretch and is getting back his “franchise” QB this year.

In either case (keep Kupp or acquire Pettis) you’re only using the guy as a spot start right? I think getting the 1.04 (and having the 1.03) means your adding two excellent future assets as well.

It’s not as lopsided as maybe the community reaction was, but getting future assets rather than a bench player is good business in my book.

I’m not sure I could hit the accept button fast enough on this trade. Pettis should take a big step forward this year based on what he flashed last season. Getting that 1.04 gives you some nice additional draft capital too. You can always bundle that with Guice to work a deal for a healthy known quantity.

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