Hypothetical Question

Been messing around with some mock drafts and wanted some feedback. I’ve gone through a couple of drafts at the back of the first round, specifically 9, 10, and 11 picks. Here’s the thing, I’m not in love with David Johnson, Bell, or Dalvin Cook (side note: I went to FSU with Dalvin Cook, so if anyone should want him there it’s me). That being said, am I crazy for wanting to take Michael Thomas at those spots? I feel a lot more confidence in him at that spot that the aforementioned. Lmk what y’all think!

Hey nate - I think that’s OK if you want Thomas at that spot. You could always go WR, RB, WR, RB or whatever the rest of the picks land…change it up a bit, depending on who is available. Also, I see upside with RB’s like Montgomery and Jacobs who could fall to you in the back end of the picks.

That’s what I was thinking… I’m high on Miles Sanders too so I could address that later.

No shame in taking a WR over RB early, if you are picking near the turn. I wouldn’t even feel pressure to take an RB second. If you can stack a couple top tier WR’s like Thomas and Juju/Hill, there are some decent options at RB later. Especially if it’s full ppr. If it’s full or even .5ppr, guys like Aaron Jones, Carson, Michel, Jacobs, Mack, Miles Sanders, Ekeler, Duke Johnson, etc. have potentially high upside. Go for max upside and take a bunch of swings if you don’t nab an RB in the first round.

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