Hypothetical Talk

So before the season even began my dynasty team was solid… or so I thought. I had:

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Kareem Hunt, Jay Ajayi
WR: Michael Thomas, Martavis, Rishard Matthews and random assortment
TE: Jimmy Graham
Flex: Isaiah Crowell

To make my team better and what I believed a legit contender I opted to trade my 1st round pick for Jordy Nelson… mind you before the season began… now fast forward and, as I’m sure you can imagine, my team isn’t doing so hot. We’re still in the race for the playoffs but it’s gonna come down to the wire and it’s the same for the guy I gave my pick too. Now the way my league works is that whoever wins the consolation bracket (for those who didn’t make the playoffs) gets the first pick. This is basically so there’s still something to play for amongst the losers which is a great idea. But it leads me to this dilemma. So my question to the forums was let’s say I didn’t make it into the playoffs and the manager who received my pick does… is it a dick move to basically try to lose my first game in the consolation bracket and not give him a chance of a higher pick? I like to think I’d feel bad but I just can’t find that soft spot in my heart to discard this thought.