I am 1-4 streaming kyle allen. Should I trade d Adam's for kyler murray

My normal qb is josh allen. There schedules are harmonious ROS. I am projected to lose by 1 pt this week. I have to do whatever it takes to win this week right?
Also trading packer def for bmore def. So getting a little back.

Only other QBs avail are dalton Mariota Bridgewater’s Flacco’s daniel jones.

Turf to could linger ROS. Fleur is content running in redzone…win at all costs right?

Roster includes
J jones
M Andrew’s

2 flex league

Nope, not for one week at all. Allen is comparable to Murray (a little better IMO). Trading a true WR1 for a 1 week QB is a bad idea.

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Week 10,13,14,15,16 I would also be using kyler

If I go 1-5 my season is done 90% of time no?

Bills have a good schedule ahead. Don’t trade a WR1 for a same tier QB.

Allen is a QB1 in at least 7 of the final 10 weeks. Ya his playoff schedule is a bit rough, but I think you need to make it there before you worry about that at this point. You are killing your WR core, for 1 week. It’s not a smart move at all.


Just ran the trade in FantasyPros. Destroyed my team. It’s a brutally bad trade.

Absolutely not

Don’t do this, Josh Allen plays Miami twice, washington, philly with no secondary. So his schedule looks good. Davante is too good to trade away for Kyler

if you really wanted to trade Adams I would upgrade at RB you can afford to since you have Julio