I am Crazy? Is this trade lopsided?

Trade just went through in my league. It’s a STD 6pt QB league.
Team 1 gets Lamar Jackson and Nick Chubb
Team 2 (0-5 and in last place) gets Todd Gurley and Jameson Crowder

I feel that this is lop sided but comish says that it isn’t at all. Am I crazy? Am I overreacting?

I don’t feel like it is. Gurley is playing better and is on the uptick, and Crowder is playing consistently. He’s not as good in standard, but if the owner of the 0-5 team needs to win now, they can’t very well afford to hold onto Chubb until week 11 with an underperforming Lamar.

I agree, this seems like a fair trade to me. No idea when Chubb will actually be back. Even if I wasn’t 0-5 I don’t know which side I’d rather be on, probably still the receiving end of Gurley and Crowder unless I was 4-1 or 5-0.

Agree with @B3AMS and @bdp18. I actually think I Team 2 did themselves a real solid and got the better of the deal because they need it now. Team 1 may eventually benefit, but until Chubb is actually back on the field, Team 1 isn’t benefiting from this.

And even if it is lopsided, outside of collusion or a brand new never played fantasy football before player who might need some coaching on how to evaluate trades, GMs have to be allowed to manage their own teams

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