I am having to start Orleans Darkwa this week

I am sitting at 6-2 and normally I would have a stout running tandem (Martin & Gordon) but the latter is on bye. Forcing me to start Orleans Darkwa… My opponent is 5-3 and win is important here… without my best player I’m looking to see if I can increase my chances.

The I am seeing if it’s possible to move Adam Thielen and Darkwa for another RB piece. But I’m unsure who to target… Joe Mixon seems good but I’m not sure if I’m selling myself short targeting Mixon.

How does that trade sound though?

Mixon for Thielen/Darkwa

Or should I try and target another RB?

Thanks FC

Rams look pretty soft against the run so Darkwa might be a sneaky start.

Need more info on your format and other WR’s you got to give you more help with the trade.