I am in a pickle


My team is looking good however I would like to pick up Rivers and start him over Mariota this week. Also I have players like Mixon, D. Henry, Kearse, J Brown, H. Henry or Rashard Mixon all in my waiver that I would love to pick up… BUT the problem is have no one to drop for Mariota or any of those players! I was thinking about doing a 2 for 1 even 3 for 1 trade wth someone in my league but I just don’t know who to get/trade or if I should even trade. Any advice? Thank you

I dropped Johnson. No one wants to hold on to a bench spot with no true time table for a return.

No way lol I’ll make playoffs I’ll need him

If is a big word… Think of any running back who has come back late season after no full game time and balled out… I count zero. You have no ir spot which means no one else does as well. Send him home

no way, as soon as i dropped him people would pick him up 100%

thats easy… drop marriota. he isnt some game breaking QB, you can find a replacement for him every sinlge week on waivers. proofs in the pudding, youre looking to start someone over him as we speak lol. add in that if you do want him back super bad, he will probably still be there.

I actually think mariota will be a top 5 QB this year, he just has hard matchups so far. Ill prob drop him pick up rivers and pick him up again in two weeks.

he could be. especially with how this year has gone so far. but, lets be honest here. if you really thought he could be top 5 this year, you wouldnt even be thinking about this. would you ever think of benching aaron rodgers, or tom brady? no. even drew brees with his home away splits, you just play him. but here is the good news, unless this is a titans home league, he will be there in 2 weeks.

yea you probably right, ill drop him and pick up rivers (or should I pick up Big Ben he plays the browns and Rivers play KC) Sunday before the game so no one notices (;… How about the rest of my team? should I drop and pick someone up? I think I’m weak at the WR position, should I wait till people become desperate on RB’s and try and trade? or trade now for a better WR?