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I am in QB Pergatory


I was a true believer in wait for your QB and it is costing me dearly. My starting QB in a league that awards 6 points for all TDs is averaging 14.5 points. My only win came in week 1 when he got me 19.1. I am starting Hoyer this week because … well, almost every team on this short-benched league has 2 or 3 QBs. And even though we only start 1, it is tough prying one loose.

I have Kareem Hunt as my RB1 after David Johnson went down. Kamara is my RB2, but I have Stewart, Foreman, and Henry.

Would Kamara straight up for Brees be too much to give away?


I mean the waiver wire should be ripe for the picking with other position players if everyone has 2-3 QBs. I wouldn’t trade Kamara for Brees. If you are sick of streaming because the options are just so bad, I would target a lower end QB with upside. Maybe like Mariota, Tyrod Taylor, Winston.