I am not sure on a trade! Amari Cooper and joe Mixon for David Johnson and Mike Evans

Would you trade away:
Amari Cooper
Joe Mixon

Mike Evans
David Johnson

This is a 10 person league with standard scoring… Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I like the Cooper/Mixon combo better by a considerable margin.

I think it’s close to a wash. Indo like how much work johnson is getting.

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I also think it’s close to a wash. Depends on how you feel Mixon will do rest of season.

I like the Mixon/Cooper side better as well

I Like Johnson and Evans. Johnson has been on the Field an avg of 88%. He’s played 2 of the best Offenses in the league and had to play catch up the entire time. I know that Godwin is coming back, but Evans should still get plenty of targets in the redzone. IMO

That being said. I also am not a Mixon Believer so I am a little Biased.

The RB swap is for your flex spot, so in this case Mixon for David Johnson isn’t great… Mixon wins here.

Cooper for Evans is close to a wash with them both having boom potential and occasionally disappearing (although Evans disappeared with Jameis, not yet seen with Brady).

For me, the tie breaker is that you’re starting RB is Zeke. Cooper and Zeke have nearly 0% chance of scoring on the same play (unless it’s a trick play) so that increases Evans value to me.

Either way, I would take the trade and then hit the waiver wire for more options in your flex so you aren’t forced to play David Johnson (like this week vs. Pitt)