I am out.. who to grab for next year?

Footclan! This is for all of you who have been knocked out of the playoffs and play in a keeper league (Hopefully not many of you)

I would like a discussion/insight for all on who they think should be a good stash for next year.

This should be anyone who you speculate might have a bigger role next year and is more than likely on the waiver wire.

I picked up Dalvin Cook this morning. Any IR players should be stashed now or soon.

What are your thoughts?

Wait…hold on…somebody dropped Dalvin Cook in a keeper? Damn.

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That is what I was thinking! Would it be bad to tank the season as one guy has le’veon Bell and Zeke and we only have one keeper per team. So I could potentially have Cook and one of them.

Awww…only one keeper. That makes more sense.