I️ am such an idiot!

Two weeks back I️ traded Kamara, G. Tate for Hyde and Garçon ): to later find out that Garçon would be placed on IR and Kamara drop 30 points. Fortunately I️ still have Bell and Hunt as my RBs but man didn’t I️ Fuck up.

Don’t feel bad. I had Robert Woods and Ju Ju on my bench. 60 PTS!!!

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Well… It sounded okay at the time I am sure…

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Damn hahah, I️ you looking to trade juju high?

At the time I️ was so happy! I️ am a big jimmy g believer but now );

Nope. The Trade deadline is over for our League. Go figure huh?

Damn lol well hope they keep performing

LOL…I’m sure they will if I keep them on the bench. If I start 'em, they’ll slump. LOL…the story of my season!!!

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Don’t worry I traded Dez and Kamara for Shady a while back and still haven’t seen the return there.

Damn i could see how you touhhgt you were getting a steal doe