I am thinking of offering Sutton and my 2020 1st round pick in Full PPR , 1/2 Point for First Downs Dynasty... which wr should I look to trade for that is worth it and would make it a Fair Offer?

My other top wrs now are Thielen, Fuller, Crowder, and I drafted Metcalf, Diontae Johnson, and Keesean Johnson in the Rookie Draft. I have Kelce as my top TE.

Thanks in advance!

Trade calculator, with the assumption of you having a mid round 1st pick, says you should go for Brandin Cooks.

Now science aside that’s not a bad idea. Cooks is pretty much set to get a certain amount of receptions and yards every year. Here’s the breakdown across 3 different teams and I will put the average in ( )'s:

2016 - Saints - 78 for 1173 (16.6)
2017 - Patriots - 65 for 1082 (15.0)
2018 - Rams - 80 for 1204 (13.5)

That’s a pretty safe stat line for so many different teams. Cooks could compliment Thielen and Crowder pretty well. Fuller scares me, he could win you a week on his own…but he COULD only play in 8-10 games because he is SO injury prone. The Johnsons, lols, you have along with Metcalf are good for your future prospects so i’d go with a safe guy, like Cooks, who could otherwise give you a safe floor.

Another consideration could be T.Y. Hilton, but he is a bit older and I would offer a 2nd round for somebody like him along with Sutton.

I hope this gives you and idea of where to look. Just out of curiosity, who are your RBs?

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Thanks! I made the trade offer for Cooks.

I traded Beckham and a 2020 2nd rounder for CMC yesterday.

So my rbs are CMC, Mack, Breida, McGuire, T Cannon, C Patterson, Riddick, Hines, Ito Smith, John Kelly, and I drafted Justice Hill in the rookie draft.

How about also offering the same offer of Sutton and a 2020 1st rounder for Amari Cooper? Risky but maybe he’s starting to breakout in Dallas? Maybe he’ll be on another team next season?

Nice Try Samwise3:slight_smile:

Hope it works out. I was gunna say a Rams receiver would be my target here. Personally I like Kupp over Cooks. So if cooks is a no go, try hitting up the Kupp owner.