I apologize

For being so bullish on AJ. Watched the game in disgust, at how their RB isn’t much more than a play action decoy. A shame with the talent he flashes.

As pledged, I will cease to make advice here to avoid any future detriment of anyone else’s fantasy lineup. Will post questions and casual opinions, but will never be so confident in a players performance again. Lessons learned…


Haha you’re not alone on the Jones call backfiring believe me! Actually I have a trade query i would appreciate your take on, i assume you are a Giants fan based on the thumbnail and it’s concern OBJ…

My instinct would be take the OBJ/Cohen offer. Cohen is a nice talent in a new system that compliments him and is starting to produce as a whole. OBJ is a boom bust and will be until Manning I’d out. But his boom is a big one.

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No concerns that Allen bounces back to form and produces in the same region at the end of season at OBJ just in a more consistent manner vs the concern that OBJ implodes and becomes unplayable?

I do prefer Cohen over Jones just due to opportunity right now

Allen could very well prove to be a superior WR to Obj this point forward. Certainly could make an argument he will prove more consistent. To me tho, the combo of Obj and Cohen is a better combo. Also consider Cohen is the only of those four that has already had a bye. So you’re gaining a week of production there.

Very true on the bye week aspect and it is close, OBJ would be my sort of Tyreek Hill style play - not the best floor but the ceiling wins the week for you with my other pieces being solid. Allen is double the targets of any other WR in LA but Gordon is totally dominant right now so it’s hard for Allen to produce. Man this is headache a good one, have to make sure I can get a solid enough TE in place as well

Any solid TE options on the waiver?

OJ Howard, McDonald or Doyle right now unless some gets dropped, lots of teams holding 2 but that wont carry on into the byes.

The catch is no one else besides the Allen/Jones owner needs a TE this week - Howard is by far the best available and as he’s past the bye week can be ROS solotion if he continues to start and produce. If i trade Gronk he wont need one which gives me Allen and allows me to grab Howard i have the 10th out of 12th waiver priority based on standings.

OBJ owner would have three TEs post trade so would like drop Brate who i don’t want and hold Engram and Gronk (it’s just what he does, obsessed with backups). Getting Howard would not be a formality here and although i’d get the better package i could be limping at TE for a while… It would be a gamble either way as i’m sure someone will get dropped or given my depth i could trade if i had too

I mean i could see Hooper and Njoku being dropped next week for their bye’s and i could scoop one up and hold then and stream someone for a week then i’d be set - that would be best case really