I believe in OBJ

I’m sitting pretty and will likely make the playoffs in my primary dynasty league. I believe in OBJ and his playoff schedule and believe I can buy him low to bolster my receiving core, Diggs, TY, and Woods aren’t looking like they will get it done. What would be fair value to trade for OBJ?

My roster is
QB: Stafford, Daniel Jones, Darnold (Super Flex)
RB: Ekeler, Kamara, D. Freeman, DJ, Kenyan Drake, Mark Walton, R. Armstead, M. Sanders, Shady,
WR: Hollywood Brown, Woods, Golden Tate, DIggs, Kelvin Harmon, K. Johnson, D Jax, TY
TE: Waller, Ebron, Herndon, Knox
I have all my picks except my 2nd rounder for the next season.

I am also interested on how people view OBJ atm. I am talking currently in my dynasty league with the OBJ owner.

My Offer: Sony, Gallup, 2020 1st, 2020 3rd
Receive: OBJ 2020 2nd

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