I can only keep 1 HELP!

2 QB, PPR, 10 team league
Juju for a 4th
Robert Woods for an 8th
Chris Carson for a 10th
Mike Williams for a 12th

Thanks for the help!

that is tough. I would definitely rule out Williams and I think it would be between carson and juju for me event tho woods in the 8th is great value too. If you are high on juju I would take him otherwise I would probably take carson

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Do you know what position you draft yet?

Keep Juju. The more studs the better.

Nah, draft order randomized after keepers determined

I’d go Woods or Carson. More value. You could easily get someone like Davante Adams or Hopkins in the 1st or vice versa a more premier running back.

2 rounds of value in the first 4 rounds is worth a lot more than 4 rounds of value in the middle rounds or 5-6 in the late. I’d go with JuJu here, but Woods & Carson are close considerations.

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I would go Carson personally, but wouldn’t argue much with Juju at all. Carson is going at the 4.01 I think last time I saw and you could easily get Juju back. With that said Juju is more of a known commodity than Carson.

This guy fantasies.

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