I can only start 2 HELP

I have James Conner, Joe Mixon, and Jordan Howard. Which 2 should be started

Wow, can you FLEX one?

If not, I’d go with Conner & Howard.

Howard - the Broncos ran for almost 150 yards on Seattle last week. Howard looks like he’s going to get a ton of volume & they went away from him in the 2nd half of the Packers game so I don’t think they’d want to make that mistake again if they go into halftime with the lead.

Conner - the Chargers ran for over 120 yards last week. Conner is going to keep getting a majority of the carries & he’ll be involved in the passing game so he won’t get taken out of the game even if Pittsburgh falls behind by a few.

Conner for sure, Howard has the better matchup so I’d probably lean that was as well.

Is it PPR?

I have an amazing flex or else I would. I was thinking the same until I saw their rankings that made me think about Howard

Standard sorry should’ve put that

Standard makes me more confident in Howard. If it was PPR I’d probably lean Mixon for the receiving work.

Thank you for your input I appreciate it