I can't decide which two to keep

Standard scoring
Auction draft with $200 budget

I can keep two:
Josh Gordon for $10
Michael Thomas for $17
OBJ for $32
David Johnson for $55
Zach Ertz for $11
JuJu for $10
Joe Mixon for $31

Top RB’s and WR’s usually go for between $55 and $75 dollars

I would without a doubt keep Thomas for $17. After that it gets tough. I think David Johnson will have a year similar to 2016, so I would cough up the money to keep him. He could put you over the top any game. If you’re not comfortable with that, I would keep Ertz for $11.

Yeah, that’s kindof where I’m at too, but then there’s Josh Gordon for $10. I just can’t seem to quit Josh Gordon.

do you think you can get OBJ for $32 and DJ for $55 again?
If so, I would keep Gordon and Thomas. If not, I would keep Thomas and OBJ.

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I would keep Michael Thomas for $17. Seems like a no brainier.

And I would keep OBJ for $32. His value may be lower if you held the auction today. I expect that to clime back up towards season start.

There is a small chance you could get DJ back for $55 and a greater chance that you are able to get a another solid RB for less. RB position should be deep this year.

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Thomas and OBJ for sure then try and get DJ again for $55.

Thomas and OBJ for sure in a 3 WR league

Yup Thomas and obj

somehow i din’t see OBJ. Lock him up with Thomas

So, nobody is scared of OBJ this season? I just have this bad feeling about his off field drama this year.

Not at that price!

OBJ is better than Thomas, but how confident are you that he’ll play 16 games? For these prices I’d take Thomas for $17. Use the extra $15 in the draft and you could get OBJ back, it all depends on which players other teams keep.

David Johnson for $55 without question.

Thomas is a no brainer. Keep him and don’t think twice.

I think it comes down to OBJ or DJ. Gordon would be a good option, but too unreliable and now has Tyrod or a rookie throwing to him. Yuck.

You mention that top RB/WR go for 55-75. OBJ for $32 looks like great value then. I’d rather have DJ, but I like this value better. If you want to lock in a top 5 RB, then go for DJ. If you feel confident the other top RB’s won’t be kept, then throwing him back makes more sense.

I’m as confident or more condifent that he’ll play 16 as any player in the NFL. One ACL injury shouldn’t scare you anymore. Getting Thomas and OBJ for $49 total is a no brainer.

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@DFWB I’m more concerned about his off-field antics than I am about injury.

Michael Thomas could be a top 5 WR while OBJ has a lock on top 3. Cut OBJ and you go into the draft with the budget to go after a low end WR1 or RB1. Cut Thomas and you go into the draft with the budget to get probably a mid-low WR2/RB2. I’m not saying OBJ is a bad keep for $32, but I’d rather have the WR5-7 and the extra $15 to draft with.

I’m in an auction keeper league and I place a higher value on RB than WR when budgeting for keepers, so I wouldn’t keep both Thomas and OBJ. Also you’d have to look at prices that other RB1s are. If these prices reflect last year’s draft you can be sure that most RB1s will be kept. Zeke (suspension), Gurly (off year in 2016), Hunt/Kamara/Cook even Fournette (rookies) should all have low keeper values and are unlikely to be available in the draft. Cut DJ and sure you’d have the budget to get an RB1, but who are you going to spend that money on with your WR1 and WR2 locked?

Fair point. If the pickings are slim at RB after the other keepers are determined, that would make a real difference.

This brings up another question. @wonderbread How are keepers determined in this league? (and other keeper leagues).

I’m the commissioner of an IDP Keeper League. I have my keepers finalized on a certain date (sometime in mid-august). From there, all other teams have a window of one week to submit their keepers to me (at which point I tell them who my keepers are). Once all keepers are in they are made public to the rest of the league. I don’t like free-for-all keeper declarations, as the last guy to give his has the advantage of seeing who will be in the draft pool.

Same thing. We all submit to the commish who verifies the keeper price and availability. The commish then makes it public if everyone checks out. Since it’s an auction league, we have a kinda complicated method for setting the keeper value based on original draft/waiver price.

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