I can't make up my mind

Kareem hunt or antonio Gibson full ppr flex been back and forth for 2 weeks now

Wow, I’d say flip a coin on this one. I think Hunt is a better pure runner with obvious experience. Gibson is such a wild card with massive upside but may take a few weeks to adjust to the NFL. I have him on my bench for this week.

I’m leaning Gibson. Funny thing is I won last year,

-So I had 12th pick.
-Keeper league ( I kept Lamar Jackson) 15th pick.
OUR LEAGUE(Top 6 in reverse) 1st-12(me) 2nd-11, 3rd-10, 4th- 9, 5th-8, 6th 7.

Lottery for back 6 finishers for the top 6 picks.

The draft fell were I ended up taking Terry and landed Gibson late (10th round)

My issue is— starting Terry and Gibson. That’s leaning heavy into Washingtons offense

I wish I could justify paying more to get these 3 guys to weigh in on my question, and unique league situation. (12 years running) Apparently the 5$ a month doesn’t get the look from the boys

Gibson is the risky upside play, Hunt is the safer play. Unless your opponent looks like he’s going to blow you out I would roll with Hunt.

I joined 2 seasons ago and thought the same thing. People tend to get more involved as the season progresses. That said I would say I only get responses to about 20% of my questions. Most of which require a one or two word response.