I Challenge you..... (Dynasty)

This is an official challenge to all you I want to do a dynasty league not 8 not 10 not 12 not 14 not 16 but 18 to 20 man league! This will be hardest dynasty ever assembled are you up for the challenge no money on the line FREE just to see who really is an Alpha Dawg. On the app Sleeper are you good enough for this league?
Be There or Be Square

I’m in if it happens

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Me to sleeper I’d mds1988

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Bump I think this can be very fun!

I’m interested

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So how do we get an add

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I’m in. Sleeper name is bdish

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First come first serve I will make the league when I think we got enough interest

If you build it they will come

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They will come

Hey I am a new member to ffballers and I’d love to participate. I also just downloaded sleeper my username is chall226! Let me know if it happens!

Someone build this so we can make it happen :wink:

I’m intrigued :thinking:

I have a friend of mine who is in too

I’d like to give dynasty a try.

Lordbyrum on sleeper

Add the next number behind your name if interest in this league set up… see if we can get someone to build this amazing thing. :wink:

sleeper name: SoulCrushers #1

I’ll build it

@theFFrookie here. I’m down to give it a go.