I could get D. Adam cheap!

I think this should be a slam dunk for some reason im hesitant.

I can get Devonta Adams for James robinson and Branden Cooks.

Normally this would be a no brainer but Rb’s are hard to come by and the jags schedule seems very soft.

My team:

QB: Lamar Jackson (first year ive ever gone early QB Felt wrong)

RB: Josh Jacobs

RB: Joe Mixon

WR: Cooper Kupp

WR: Terry McLaurin

TE : Noah Fant / Evan Engram

Other players of note: AJ Green, David Mongomery, James Robinson, Branden Cooks

Thanks for any thoughts! This guy just lost barkley so he is desperate

thoughts anyone? should i just take it?

IMHO, this is a trade severely in your favor. Adams is poised to be THE WR1 for the year and Rogers is playing with a renewed fire after what GB did to him.

Robinson is a solid RB2 (with RB1 upside), however, the sheer volume and value Adams will provide you can be league winning compared to Robinson’s and Cooks’ output combined. For Cooks, he is on a team trending downward with Waston struggling badly w/o Nuke.

IMHO, this is an excellent trade in your favor.

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thanks for the input. the guy ended up backing out i guess i waited to long and his tilt ended. I ended up trading Mixon, kupp, and Green for drake and Kenny G. well see how it works out. i see both players as lateral with a small upgrade with Kenny G. Just didnt like seeing mixon have 3 guys in the backfield as soon as he touched the ball. and i worry the rams offense from the end of the year is the new offence.