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I created a Super Kamario logo


This isn’t my best work but I wanted to share it with the Foot Clan anyways. Enjoy!



:rofl: Love it! all he needs are some dreads!


Thanks dude! I had the dreads in at first but it wasn’t working great - I’ll give it another go!


Here it is - plus dreads!



Nice! Now all I need to do is draft him!

(which will be very hard since Im in Knoxville, TN and everyone in my league wants Kamara)


You can get him - worth it! I lucked out and drafted him the 15th round of a keeper league last year, hence the excitement to create this image lol


A++. I have like 2-3 teams with this team name so will be replacing with this excellent logo now.


This is awesome! Super Kamario RULEZ!!


Thanks dude! Happy to help!


He’s going to run the NFL this year - literally.