I created a Super Kamario logo

This isn’t my best work but I wanted to share it with the Foot Clan anyways. Enjoy!



:rofl: Love it! all he needs are some dreads!

Thanks dude! I had the dreads in at first but it wasn’t working great - I’ll give it another go!

Here it is - plus dreads!



Nice! Now all I need to do is draft him!

(which will be very hard since Im in Knoxville, TN and everyone in my league wants Kamara)

You can get him - worth it! I lucked out and drafted him the 15th round of a keeper league last year, hence the excitement to create this image lol

A++. I have like 2-3 teams with this team name so will be replacing with this excellent logo now.

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This is awesome! Super Kamario RULEZ!!

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Thanks dude! Happy to help!

He’s going to run the NFL this year - literally.

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