I did my 1st Dynasty Start Up Draft, how is my team?

It’s a 12 team full ppr league, with 6 point passing tds. We start 1 qb, 3 wrs, 2 rbs, 1 TE, 2 flex.

I used the Fantasy Footballers UDK Dynasty and Rookie Rankings to help me in my draft.

I had 5th pick in the vets draft and then the 8th pick in the rookie draft. We have 4 taxi spots

Here is my team

Qbs: Goff, Mariota, Manning

Wrs: Beckham, Sutton, Fuller, Geronimo Allison, Crowder, Hogan, Moncrief, Garcon, Meredith, Paul Richardson,D.K. Metcalf, Diontae Johnson, Keesean Johnson.

Rbs: Michel, Mack, Riddick, Mostert, McGuire, Ito Smith, John Kelly, Hines, Travis Homer, Breida, Justice Hill.

Tes: Kelce, Ian Thomas, Ricky Seals-Jones.

Where do I need to improve? Is there any trades I should try to make? I still have my draft picks for each round in the rookie drafts for the next few years that I have too, that I can offer in a trade. 4 rounds for each draft.

Any help and feedback is appreciated! Thank you!

Looks like a good start. I’d be curious who is available on the waiver wire. I like to churn the bottom of the roster with Boom/bust players. I would think there might be someone with a higher ceiling than John Kelly Travis Homer or Garcon.

It’s hard to recommend trades based on your roster alone. Look for other teams with needs and see if you can make a fit. The best trades make both teams better.

I agree with @fun4willis. Depending on your waiver wire, you could potentially have some bigger boom players. Its worth a look. In my opinion, the biggest place you could improve is WR. You have some potentially big WRs because of the full PPR but i would still look to upgrade to at least another top tier WR.

Kelvin Benjamin, Gronk, Lynch, Buck Allen, C Patterson are all on the waiver wire, any of them worth picking up?

I was offered Shepard for Crowder and Diontae Johnson, I rejected it, but should I see if he would still make that trade?

Also, should I offer Sutton for Calvin Ridley?

I would own C Patterson over Garcon.

Gronk should be owned at least up until the 2019 season starts or there is another player worth rostering. Obviously his floor is nothing, but massive ceiling. Gronk has up until trade deadline to make a deal where he could play for the Pats in 2019.

What about Keith Kirkwood, Justin Watson, Robert Griffin III, or Trenton Cannon?

Cannon, RG3 are both available.

Personally I would be wanting to trade Kelce in the near future as he is 29. He is coming off a monster year and you could probably get a haul for him. You could easily keep him this year and do the same next year probably. I would personally try to turn Kelce into a Kittle and a piece or someone like OJ Howard or another super young TE and another piece.