I didn't get to watch the game and just need a space to rant about Jones

Ok! I have no idea about how this game is shaking out…

But this is a moment where I hate being right … from what I’ve seen online the game is shaking out how I figured and said to someone here earlier .

Am I correct that Aaron Rodgers has a bone to pick and wants to get it done through the air but Chicago’s D is holding?

Or are they featuring a different back over Jones? That’s my truest nightmare…

Aaron jones is waaaaay better than Williams. Just give him some time, the packers offense will improve with more reps

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Oh yeah no tilt from me. He’s staying locked and loaded in my lineup just a disappointing first showing.

He’s far from a drop and I won’t sell low cause of one bad game. My first 2-4 weeks likely will all be losses while I trade and get my all-star lineup locked in.

Though I didn’t look at nothing yet… Does this mean Jones showed up hard tonight?

Jones looked fine considering he was going up against one of the best Def in the league. It was mostly an ugly game as neither teams starters really did much during the preseason (Rodgers didn’t play/ Trubisky didn’t throw a pass). The zone read scheme looks good. Jones ripped off 7-8 yards at a time 3 or 4 times, but was bottled up the rest of the game. He will do damage against weaker Ds.

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Aaron Jones was fine, he was just battling the best Defense in football…
The positive is that he was clearly the #1 in the Packers backfield so moving forward nothing to really worry about with Jones…

To the Monty owners, like myself, I am very worried with his usage. If first game is an indication, Davis and Monty will be splitting the carries and Cohen will be the pass catching RB…

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Sorry my last post was supposed to say did Williams show up hard tonight.

But you answered the question I wasn’t really asking but wanted to know. How did Jones look. Was he the #1. And I fuckin’ love the answer.

Yikes. Sorry to hear Monty wasn’t used like a dream.

What shocked me was the number of catches Davis factored in on. He didn’t do anything with them but he had SIX.

Nearly SHAT myself. Just checked my league and saw someone rocking 40 points so I thought someone went off tonight.

Nope. Just a dude rocking:
A Rodgers (ouch)
A Robinson (not bad)
Montgomery (as meh as my Jones did)
and Chicago’s D.

Not a bad start but I’m def projecting him to lose when his opponent only had Jimmy Graham and got 10.5 points in the same game.

last two seasons aaron jones got 5.5 ypc. tonight he got 3 ypc, so it should go back up

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Agree with you the ypc is nothing to worry about with Aaron Jones. He was afterall going up against the best Defense in the NFL…

The positive with Aaron Jones is he was clearly the #1 RB and will get the bulkload of the carries in that offense…

Aaron Jones’ 3.0 ypc was much better than Jamaal Williams who rushed 5 times for 0 yards…

So yeah if you got Aaron Jones be confident for rest of season…
If you got Monty, like myself, cause for concern…

So glad I left MVS on the bench. Thought I messed up after that one long range air strike but it was the right call in the end. Did next to nothing the whole game. Even dropped an easy 1st that would have ended the game.

He should have a good season though. Slightly outperformed against the toughest front.

You could have started Allison :stuck_out_tongue: