I don’t know what to do?

Should I trade David Montgomery/Devin Singletary for JuJu? I have Delvin Cook/Aaron Jones/Melvin Gordon. My other WR are Chris Godwin/Hollywood Brown/Gallup

No. At least, not both of them. DM is a top 15 RB and those are not easy to come by. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice RB depth when you can offer a pretty even 1 for 1 imo.

Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it. I want to upgrade at WR since Godwin will be out for a few weeks and DJ Hollywood hasn’t produced as well

Yeah I get you. But with the plethora of streaming/depth at WR this year, I tend to believe that you should death-grip your high upside RBs. Or in your case, since you have great RB depth, at least break even on trades involving them. I would go DM for JuJu but that’s it.