I dont know how i feel about my draft :/

I was 9th pick in a 10 team PPR

i probably could have drafted better, did i eff up?


Snell or D.Jax

Your team at first glance I think looks worse than it is because of Kelce. It’s just easy to overlook the TE1 in preseason because after him and Kittle, it doesnt really matter who your TE is. Adams has #1 WR upside, I love Chark as a WR2, and Chubb/Gurley could both end up lower end RB1s (with limited upside)… I just think something went wrong in the middle rounds. It looks like you were reaching 2-3 rounds ahead or something. After Gurley/Chubb, Swift is your only playable RB. Your team is pretty contrarian, so if industry guys were wrong on a lot of takes, you could have a very good team… I just worry about your depth.

I also think that it’s not as terrible as you might think it is, but my main concern is your WR depth. You legit have no one outside of your starters, if an injury happens to either of them then your WR2 becomes Crowder, who is no more than a safe floor flex guy. If you wanna put some band-aids on the roster, i’d see who drafted Ingram and see if you can trade Dobbins to him for some depth, or if you can pair Swift and Kerryon together to get a depth RB and another WR

I picked up Ruggs if that help with T. williams out and all LOL