I drafted Luck, now what?!

Im in a 14 man league and took Luck as my only qb. Most teams drafted 2 QBs so the waiver wire is super thin. Do I roll with Dalton, Flacco, Mariota, Fitzpatrick, or Eli (best waiver options). Or would you look to ship one of the following dudes from my roster for a Phil Rivers or Kirk Cousins?

QB: Luck :frowning:
RB: D Cook, C Carson, L Murray, R Penny, A Mattison
WR: D Adams, R Woods, J Gordon, C Samuel, G Allison, A Miller

We dont have to start a TE.

See if you can’t ship off a WR to a needy WR team. You might even be able to pull off a Winston or similar with some of the WRs you have such as Samuel, Allison, and Miller. I’d poke around with those dudes first.

If you can flip a WR for another teams second QB i would do it. If not, streaming is not the worst option.